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About MVD Healthcare

MVD Healthcare is a medico marketing excellence company with high professional standards with national and international presence.  MVD has a dedicated sales & marketing team which works very closely with marketing team of various pharma companies. We provide international & national clinical content in the form of books, journals/ articles reprints, DVDs-videos.

Our Philosophy: We provide pharma marketing inputs which are low cost & easy communication tools for field force of pharma companies to communicate with doctors. We also conduct programmes under the banner BBB for marketing excellence.

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Drug Interaction Charts

These are reference tolls for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other health care professionals (HCPs) that deal with different drugs.

Quick Reference Guides

Categories in Health care professionals, QRG Myth & Truths, QRG Pharmacy management and QRG Nurses.

Tear-off Pads

Categories in Sign & Symptoms, Nutrition, Exercise Safely, Children, Living with, How does it work and Meal Plan.

Medial Atlas 3D

These are organized to help Health care Professionals to visualize the body system and explain the same to their patients as well.

Medical Slide Ruler

are dynamic tool, small in size, easy and interactive format, representing a complementary medical instrument and precious..


This new tool was designed in an interactive way to provide a complete view about the most common and impactful molecules recommended in clinical practice.

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