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Healthscape provides data driven strategic insights and helps build capabilities in building big brands, portfolio building and new product launches. We aim to be your preferred and trusted partner across all dimensions of product marketing and portfolio management.
We also drive high science programs besides product marketing like market shaping/disease shaping initiates, Preceptorship programs, CME Accredited Modules etc.

Capability Building Program
Building Big Brand is a marketing workshop which is delivered over a period of six days, and hand holding to participants over a period of 6-12 months.
Program revolves over three pillars which is through environment scan to develop deeper understandings and value of key insights, art and science of brand positioning and last but conveying this proposition in a powerful way, so your customer prescribe your brans over competition.

Each of these subjects are delivered through 
a.) Giving fundamental understanding,
b.) Sharing tools and templates aimed to create a disciplined amongst marketing team with case studies both from pharmaceutical and non-pharma business.
We ensure that this is not viewed as an annual activity, but create a back bone of their functioning and we strongly recommend a simulation of these learnings on one of the company’s own brand.
This method of delivery of this workshop makes it most unique and valuable capability building program. This method of delivery of this workshop makes it most unique and valuable capability building program.

Strategic consulting on Brands and Portfolio
Our team provides consulting on a specific brand or portfolio on retainership, and we bring in an international and national experience of launching, and developing large brands and business both in primary and super-speciality areas.

Medico Marketing Program to support brand and gain competitive advantage
Our team of experts also bring in huge competencies and experience on creating medico marketing programs, by disruptive thinking and global experience around both physicians and patients, many of these programs also received national and international awards, to name some of them are concept of Breatheazy Clinics, Sugar Clinics, Anti-Microbial Stewardship Program, National guidelines for Diabetic Foot Society of India, Access model for Hepatitis C etc.

Customized CME certification programs in collaboration with Apollo Medversity
Each of the therapy area has very different leverage point and require constant upgradation of knowledge and skill sets of physicians who treat them, hence this is yet another flagship program of Healthscape to help pharma companies support their brand to improve, diagnosis and treatment, this customer engagement program is designed to meet the highest ethical standards and comply to MCI guidelines in India and Pharma Code world-wide.

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